Letter For Requesting Payment


A letter for requesting payment is a letter that is written by an employee to his employer requesting for an early release of his salary. He may request for an early payment of his salary/fees/commission to run his personal errands or due to some other emergency which came up uncalled. Everyone does the job for getting some remuneration to fulfill their wishes. It is given by the employer at the start or the end of the month. However, sometimes because of something urgent, an employer may request an early payment of his salary. That is when this letter is written.

A letter for requesting payment is a formal letter and has to be written professionally. Mention the reason behind why the early payment is necessary. Ensure the letter is genuine as an employer might release money early only if he feels there is a valid reason.   Also, make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes.


Sample :

The following is the sample of letter for requesting payment.


Pushpak Jha,

Assistant Manager,

DRE Corporation Pvt Ltd.




Dileep  Mishra,

HR Executive,

DRE Corporation Pvt Ltd.


Subject: Requesting Early Payment of Salary.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you for an initial release of my payment for this month. I know this is sudden, and it is the company’s policy to pay only at the end of the month, but the requirement is such that it can’t be delayed until the end of the month. My mother recently suffered from a brutal injuring due to an accident and had been admitted to the hospital.

My last month’s salary was spent on the small vacation me and family went on a week ago. It was on the way back that this unfortunate incident happened. She fell off from steps of the temple and ended up injuring her head. She has been admitted in hospital since then. I have spent most of my savings in her recovery, but it seems that we may require more money.

Also, I had to pay my children’s fees last month. So, I have not much money left with me to give to the hospital authorities. I have always been a hard working employee of the organization and considered completing my job my priority. You can check my records if you need to. I have never demanded an early payment before this time. I hope you take my request into consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Pushpak Jha

Assistant Manager

DRE Corporations Pvt Ltd.


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