Letter For Leave Of Absence


A letter for leave of absence is written by an employee to his employer or by a member of his organization’s head, informing him of his absence for a particular period. An employer always wants full attendance from his employees so that work isn’t affected and the organization can achieve its goals on time. However, at times, due to some unforeseen reasons, an employee might need a leave to attend to his personal goals. It is important for an organization to do everything on pen and paper and so a letter for leave of absence is compulsory to be written by the employee to his superior well in advance.

A letter for leave of absence is a formal letter and has to be written professionally. It must contain the genuine reason behind leaving. Try to complete all your pending work before dropping the letter for leave as it increases the chances of sanctioning of the same.


Sample Letter

The following is the sample of Letter for leave of absence.


Pooja Soni,

General Manager,

ITF Steel Pvt. Ltd.



Poonam Mishra,

HR Executive,

ITF Steel Pvt. Ltd.

Subject: Application for leave.

Respected Mam,

I am Pooja Soni, Sales  Manager of ITF Steels Pvt. Ltd. I am writing this letter to request your permission for leave from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I have been a regular employee of this organization and have never demanded any unnecessary holiday till date. I have always considered work as my priority. However, the circumstances are such that I need to take three days off from work.

The reason for this leave is that I have to go for my eye checkup in another city. I have been advised by my eye doctor to get my eye tested every six months so that they can check if there’s any increase or decrease in my eyesight. It is crucial for me to go and get my checkup done. If necessary, I can submit all my medical records to you for your verification.

I have completed all my pending work so that the company’s work isn’t affected. Also, in my absence, my assistant shall see to every query for which I am responsible. I have briefed him about everything. He is good at his work and would prove to be of great help. I hope you take this into consideration and sanction me leave for these three days.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Pooja Soni.

General Manager,

ITF Steel Pvt. Ltd.


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