Letter for Internship Extension


An individual is hired as an intern by an organization or company when the organization needs extra hands for a particular project or wants to hire an intern for a limited amount of time only. An intern is not a full time employee and is usually hired for specific projects.

Before the start of the internship the duration of the internship is specified by the organization. So a letter to extend the duration can either be written at the beginning of the internship or towards the end when you would like to extend the duration. Mention for how much longer you would like to extend the internship. It is recommended to add your experience and your learnings and why exactly you would like to extend the time period. This letter can either be addressed to the HR, your mentor or the head of the department you are currently working under.


Sample Letter

The sample letter for Extension of Internship is given below for your reference:

Marketing Dept

Company YY

3rd Floor, Cyber City


Date: 4th July 2017

Subject: Extension of Internship

Respected Ma’am

I was hired as an intern marketing department with your firm, Company YY on the 23rd of May 2017. According to my offer letter, the duration of my internship was specified as 6 weeks, and had 7th July mentioned as my last official Day.

I was specifically hired to handle the Salon Campaign of the marketing department. Over the last 6 weeks I have learned a lot more than I ever expected to. The marketing department closely worked with the graphic and content department and in my time here, my learning extended beyond marketing itself. I got insight on how to use basic graphic design softwares such as canva and photoshop. All in all, I am extremely happy with my overall experience with this company.

Which is why I am writing to you, to request you to extend the duration of my internship by another four weeks, that is until the 7th of August 2017.  Our salon campaign was executed on July 1. I would like to stay behind and help contribute and study the analytics and social outreach of our campaign across the eight cities we had targeted.

I would like to discuss the terms of my internship with you in person. Please let me know a time that suits you so that we can arrange a meeting for the same accordingly.

Thank you

Sonail R. Bindra

Marketing Intern

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