Letter Explaining Late Payment


A Letter Explaining Late Payment is written by a person or organization to the institution or person they are supposed to make a payment to.Sometimes, when the financial conditions of a person or a company are not smooth, he/she may fail n running a smooth life. The person or the company may not be able to clear off certain payments or debts.   Clearing payments or debts on time help in maintaining a good image. In the case of a late payment, a well-crafted letter may prevent that image from getting spoilt.

The tone of the letter should be polite and apologetic. The letter should begin by expressing regret for not being able to make the payment timely and should hold the responsibility for causing the inconvenience to the receiver. The writer should explain the genuine reason and the situation for the delay in the payment. The letter should be concluded by promising that financial settlements shall be done time in future.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Letter Explaining Late Payment.


Kevin Jobs

564 Castle Street,

Cambridge, MA 62536,

U. S. A.

30 April 2017


Bertha Mason

Mason’s Electronics,

236 Peas Hill,

Cambridge, MA 67826,

U. S. A.

Subject: Apology for Late Payment
Dear Mrs. Bertha Mason,
I am writing this letter to genuinely apologize to you for not being able to pay off the sum of $900 on time. You have been very cooperative and calm with me through the entire period of delay, despite the payment being postponed by a month.
I understand the inconvenience you would have suffered because of the delay and I am entirely to be blamed. I have always always been sincere in making the payments for all the purchases timely. However, this time, the luck was not in favour of me. The organization with which I was working was not functioning smoothly and, hence it has shut down. I suddenly lost my job and the funds that I had saved were all consumed in managing the day to day requirements of my family. The circumstances were beyond my control. Gladly,  I have now found a new job and have successfully managed to clear off the settlements. You will find a cheque of amount $900 enclosed with this letter.
I hope you will understand my reasons for causing the delay and accept my humble apologies for the same. I shall be more careful now in saving funds for emergency situations such as these. I ensure you that such a delay in payment shall never occur again.
Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Kevin Jobs

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