Letter Complimenting or Praising a Speaker


For any individual who happens to be a good speaker or orator, he or she deserves to be praised for the speech. In fact, anybody who is good at anything must be praised as a way to encourage them to keep up with the good work and work harder to achieve more and more.

One way to compliment the person is by writing them a letter. This letter allows you to be as emotional as you would like. You could even use flowery language to explain the beauty of the speech. The essence of the letter should remain to compliment the person though. Let them know how good their speech was and how it has left an impact on many. If possible, mention a line or two from their speech that had an impact on you explain how much those lines meant. Refer to the sample letter given below to write your Compliment Letter.



Anushka Kumar

173 Flat,

Vasant Kunj

New Delhi-124222



Astha Gupta

TT Towers

TH Road


Subject: Letter of Praise

Dear Anushka,

This year marks the completion of your three years with the debating society of Kamala Nehru College. As the President of the society, I take this oppurtunity to let you know how you have evolved into such an eloquent orator.

I have been with you since your inception with this society, and I would like for you to know that I have seen you grow not only as a speaker but as a person as well. The quality of your speeches has improved exponentially. You currently stand as the number 1 speaker of this society and I must say you are deserving of that title. Your latest speech on feminism at the IIT-D Freshers debate left us awestruck.

In the past year itself, you have helped our society win 4 national debates. Thats the highest record of our society! It is truly inspiring, the passion with which you deliver your speeches. It leaves an impact on everybody sitting there in the audience. It motivates me to become a better speaker as well.

I hope this tangent of improvement only grows with time. As your friend and president I am extremely proud of you. Keep up the good work. I am sure your work will encourage many of our juniors to take this path of self-empowerment. Remember, I am always here for you.

Astha Gupta


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