Letter Asking For Promotion


Letter Asking for Promotion is written by an employee of an organisation to his/her employer to request for being promoted to a greater position in the organization. Such a request is made by the employee when he/she feels capable and eligible enough to hold more responsibilities of the organization and has contributed significantly to the growth of the organization. A finely written letter would increase the chances of getting the request approved.

Since this a letter to present a request, it should be written very politely and the formal boundaries must be maintained. The content of the letter should be to the point. The letter should be formatted in three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should state the request for promotion. The reason for making such a request should be included in the second paragraph. The employee must mention in the letter the projects undertaken and completed successfully. The letter may be concluded by thanking the employer for providing the opportunity to work on such projects.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Letter Asking for Promotion


Richard Freeth

4245 Brisbane, QLD 45763,


April 30, 2017


John Arthur,


SVS Global Vision Ltd.

Subject: Request for being Promoted to Territory Manager

Dear Mr. John Arthur,

I have been working on the Go Green Mangrove Forest Management Project for the last three years. I have gained extensive knowledge about several features of the project. Not only have I learned a lot, but I have also made use of the same in the further development of the forest. I am indeed thankful for making me head the team. I believe that I have developed great skills under your guidance and can take up projects even greater than this one. Hence, I am writing this letter to put forth my request for being promoted to a higher position in the company.

As the  Assitant General Manager of  SVS Global Vision Ltd., I have also undertaken Duplex House Project, SNG Residency Project and Venus Valley Farmhouse Project. I have handled these projects prosperously.  The successful completion of the same has helped the company to succeed and extend itself to a greater number of clients. The professional skills that I have now obtained are perfectly suitable for the desired position. Therefore, I would like to utilise the expertise as the Territory Manager of the organization.

I believe that as the Territory Manager, I can work even more finely on prominent projects and take the company to greater heights. Kindly consider my interest in the post of Territory Manager.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Freeth

Assistant General Manager

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