Legal Representation Letter

Introduction :

Laws are made so that the citizens abide by them to live and let others live peacefully. Similarly, to see that the laws are being followed, various public servants are there. Lawyers are the one who defends the law and brings justice to the one against whom wrong has been done. To be a lawyer means a great deal. One has to be extremely confident as well as good in communication and proving their point. When a lawyer fights a case for someone, he has to provide a legal representation letter to the other party against whom the case is being fought.

A legal representation letter is a formal letter issued by a lawyer or law firm to the party against whom he/she is fighting the case. It is considered necessary to send a legal notice to the other party, to make them aware of the case being fought against them and the compensation that his/her party demands.


Sample :

The following is the sample of legal representation letter.



Wilson Samuel,


Samuel law firm Pvt ltd.



Kishan Chaudhary,


C&C Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Legal letter.

Dear Mr. Chaudhary,

I am writing you this letter to inform you regarding the law suit filed against you on DD/MM/YYYY. It was filed by my client Mr. Arjun Mishra against you for committing fraud with their firm. I am their legal representative, and I shall be handling the case, henceforth.

My client’s and your firm signed a contract of performing a business transaction together which would benefit both the companies in the future. For that, my client had invested some money, and an equal amount was supposed to be invested by you. However, according to my client’s records, there is no transaction of money from your side. Rather, you refused to have signed any form of contract with them and that they were just bluffing.

This is a severe case of business fraud. If proven guilty, you shall have to pay a huge compensation in addition to the money you took from my client. I have attached all the records along with this letter and if you wish to make settlement outside the court, contact me soon so that I can talk to my client regarding the same. Otherwise, my client wishes to take this to court.

Hoping for your fullest co operation.

Wilson Samuel,


Samuel law firm Pvt ltd.

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