Legal Letter


A Legal letter is a formal letter that an attorney can write on behalf of his client to pursue an outstanding payment or an explanation for the unfair action taken on the client; for instance, an unfair dismissal or prejudice action by the company. A legal letter usually warns the reader of the legal actions that can be taken against them. This letter is usually written after an earlier warning is given to the reader and still no action has been taken.

The contents of a legal letter are usually concise with some mentions of the law, as a reference to a violation by the recipient and proper actions are expected to be taken. The letter should be written in a firm and strict tone so that it can prove a point. Remember to write the law correctly and mention the last date that you will be considering. Write the letter as formally as possible and also use the correct format for writing the letter.

Sample Letter

Given below is the sample for legal letter for outstanding amount :


John R. Rojo


Morgan & Associates

1273 Riedel Street
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 3J9



David Scaddan

4790 Weir Crescent
Toronto, ON M1E 3T8

Dear Mr. Scaddan,

RE: Legal Action

With this letter, I am forwarding a due demand of $15,000 owed for the delivery of products and services on behalf of my client, Parkway Enterprise, on invoices dated May 20, 2017, June 30, 2017, and July 10, 2017.

Although repeated reminders have been served by my client, Parkway Enterprise, no sum of money has been transacted on these invoices. The credit term was 30 days, but you have not cleared these bills. Hence, my client Parkway Enterprise is stopping all deliveries to you until these outstanding invoices are settled. Otherwise, legal court action will be served against you.

We are giving you two weeks from this letter’s date to settle the outstanding sum after that we have no option but to take this to court which would possibly result in a legal action against you.


John R. Rojo


Morgan & Associates

For Parkway Enterprise

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