Legal Guardian Letter


A Legal Guardian Letter is a letter of guardianship either written by the parents of the child or by the guardian themselves with the signature of the parents at the end of the letter. This letter is mainly written because the parents of the child/children are not going to be around for a while or maybe the child/children are/are going out of town for studies or some other program. This is when the guardian steps in and has the authority to take care of the children while their parents cannot. Thus a legal letter of guardianship is written to bestow these rights into the local guardian.

The parents need to make sure of two important points while writing a Legal Guardian Letter. These are i) you need to specify the period for which this particular person would be the guardian of your children and ii) you need to make sure that this person is trustworthy and that you are choosing the right person to take care of your kids in your absence. Given below is an e.g. of a Legal Guardian Letter which can be used when you are writing your letter.




Karl D’souza,

23 Daffodil apartments,

Hill road,






Linda Kapoor,

4-Galaxy Building,

Kings road,






This letter is to inform you that I, Karl D’Souza am bestowing all my parental rights in Linda Kapoor. Linda is my sister, and I have given her the authority to take care of my children and make medical as well as family decisions as a parent for my children from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY till they are in the city of Mumbai completing their education.

Both my kids have been given admission in TK College of Engineering and are going to be in Mumbai for next four years. If the college needs to meet the caregiver of my children, then they can contact Linda who I assign as their guardian till their stay in Mumbai.

She is herself working in Mumbai in an advertising agency and is going to be home when my children will return from their college. They are living in the same building as their aunt on the fourth floor which is two floors below Linda Kapoor’s house.

I have enclosed a list of all the contact and address of all my relatives staying in Mumbai if one cannot get through the guardian in any case of emergency.

Thanking you,


Yours truly,

Karl D’Souza.



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