Business Hardship Letter


A Business Hardship Letter is usually written to the lender from which a particular organization has taken a loan to carry on with their business. While facing a financial crisis, this agency would write a Business Hardship Letter to the lender requesting them to either reduce the interest rate or reduce the amount to be paid as the loan so that their business doesn’t face such losses where they would need to shut their company completely.

While writing such a business letter, you should start off with the hardship that you are facing and not beat around the bush. Give accurate and valid reasons as to why you are facing this hardship and what is the help that you require from your lender. After everything, list down all your measures to gain back your position in the market and how you intend to gather more customers and ultimately pay your loan. This could include the involvement of new marketing strategies and increases the prices of a few goods that are high in demand.

In the end, you can thank the reader for reading the letter and end it on a positive note that you hope to come back on track soon with the help of your lender.

Business Hardship Letter – SAMPLE

The sample Business Hardship Letter is given below for your reference


The Pasta Bar,

Shop no. 12,

Carter Road,







Life Changers,

Shop no. 3,

Hillside road,




Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that we had started our business in the food industry two years ago. We had borrowed a loan from you as we did not have enough funds to start our own business. We were sure that we would do good, and we have for more than one and a half year. But recently, the controversy of the Pasta coming out to be harmful for human consumption has led to a significant downfall in our business as it revolves solely around pasta and the kind of different dishes you can make with pasta.

The sole purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that we will not be able to pay the monthly amount to cover up all the money borrowed from you as we have no savings. Thus we request you to reduce the interest rate or lessen the amount of money to be paid as a loan so that we can at least continue with this business a little more calmly. We are planning to add other fast food dishes so that we can earn money from that and keep the business going on. Soon we shall be back on track and will be able to repay all money at the earlier interest rate.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


The Pasta Bar.



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