Legal Action Letter


A legal action letter is written when any business has legal aspects in it. This is a case when the court has to step in if the two parties are not being able to solve their problems or disputes among themselves. Having a legal authority over you also restricts you from doing any illegal business which could be troublesome later in future.

Today, none of the agreements or contracts are put forth until and unless they have a legal backing to it. A legal action letter shall have all the events listed correctly together and not be beating around the bush. The highlight of the topic shall be written in detail, but the previous events shall be mentioned only briefly. The letter shall be written only by a lawyer since it is a legal letter. The letter can be a fraud case, non-payment of balance money and other such reasons. Though these problems have been tried to be fixed by the two parties itself if that does not work out then the court steps in. Given below is an example of a legal action letter which will come in handy when you write your legal letter.




Rakesh Malhotra,

Axia Bank,

Rockhill Road,







Paul Marshall,

12- King Bungalows,

Crystal Street,




Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that since you have stopped paying the monthly amounts for your repayment of the loan, it has piled on and now you have a huge amount to pay all at once. We have been sending out emails, phone calls and several letters in your name but nothing has been replied to till date. Thus, we are left with no option but to take legal action against you.

We are very friendly with our customers and even have negotiation policies for them if they cannot pay the entire amount or cannot pay it in the stipulated time. But since we have not received any response from your side, we have no option but need you to pay the entire amount within ten days, which is DD/MM/YYYY. If you do not respond to this letter as well, you will have to the legal action taken upon you in this case. This is undoubtedly the last letter from our side after which you will have to deal with our lawyer.


Thanking you,

Yours truly,


Rakesh Malhotra.

(Axia Bank, Branch Manager)


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