Leave Request Letter, Sample & Format

Leave Request LetterA Leave Request letter is written to request for the approval of leave by an employee to the management. A leave request is expected by the employee before he/she can take off from work as there are many factors involved to ensure a smooth running of the company operations. Details concerning the leave should be stated precisely for easy processing of the leave requested.


Christy R. Mills

1886 Dawson Drive
Little Rock, AR 72201

October 21, 2010.


Francis K. Sanchez

Office Manager

Bloomsdale Ventures

3371 Mattson Street
Bay City, OR 97107

Dear Sir,

Re: Leave Request

I am writing to request your kind consideration in approving my intended leave on October 25, 2010. I apologize for the short notice given, but the specific date is to go for a specialist check up at the General Hospital.

Attached is a copy of my attending doctor’s recommendation for a brain scan at the General Hospital as I have been experiencing terrible bouts of a headache for the past three months. Regular painkillers are ineffective and the doctor, who is also a company panel doctor, has strongly advised for a brain scan to identify the source of pain.

I thank you in advance for your kind consideration on my request. I do hope that I can continue to serve this esteemed company for a long period of good health and full concentration.

Yours faithfully,

Christy Mills



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