Leave Letter for Marriage

Leave Letter for marriageIntroduction:

A leave letter for marriage is to be written by an employee who is planning to get married. The notice must be given by an employee to the organization if he/she plans to go on leave for his/her marriage as it might be a long leave and the work responsibilities must be taken care of in his/her absence. It is the most commonly written letter as most of the employees apply for it at one point of time or another. Make sure that you attach your invite along with the letter.

As it is a formal request letter, keep the tone humble and polite. Provide the details of the marriage and keep the letter brief and to the point. The language used in the letter should be easy and straightforward to understand, and the letter should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. In the letter write that you do hope to see your boss at the wedding. At the end of the letter do thank your senior for their time and cooperation.

Sample Letter:


Edward O. Burton

Assistant Controller

Production Department

Central Alliance Enterprise





Mrs. Sallie Walker

Central Alliance Enterprise

2783 Brookview Drive
Beaumont, TX 77701


Dear Mrs. Walker,

RE: Leave Letter for Marriage

I Edward O. Burton, assistant controller in the production department am writing this letter to inform you that I intend to get married on DD/MM/YYYY.

Hence, I would like to request leave for ten days given my marriage. I would like to take DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY, to prepare for my marriage and honeymoon as well as would require that much time in preparation.

I have discussed this leave request with my superior, Mr. George Michaels who is agreeable to my leave verbally. It is agreed that I shall complete all my responsibilities before I go on leave. If there are any urgent responsibilities during my leave, it will be assigned to other team members. I am also attaching my wedding invite along with the letter, and I hope to see all my colleagues and senior in the party as that would make me really happy. I have personally handed over the invite to my entire team.

I hope to receive a favorable response from you quickly so that I can proceed with my marriage plans without further delay.

Thank you for your kind cooperation, patience and time.

Yours Sincerely,

Edward Burton

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