Leave Approval Letter

Leave Approval Letter


A Leave Approval letter is given by the management of a company to its employee in response to the employee’s written request for leave. This letter states the approval of leave to the employee by the management. There may be some terms and conditions attached to the leave depending on the workload of the company at the time of leave requested.  The letter also contains the duration of the leave is granted.

While writing the letter, clearly mention the days of the leave that has been approved. Since it is a formal letter, you must keep the letter to the point and short. For any additional help, a sample approved letter has been given below to easily make you understand better how to write the same without much hassle. Refer to the following:

Sample Letter:

Take a look at the following letter to help you further how to write a leave approval letter:

Human Resource,
Fairfield Industry,
Kenosha, WI 5314


Kelly S. Francis Mek,
Office Manager,
Fairfield Industry,
Kenosha, WI 53140.

Subject: Leave Request Approved

Dear Kelly,

Hello. This letter is to inform you regarding the approved leave requested by you for your visit to your parents. In response to your request for leave from February 25 to 28, 2017, the management has deliberated the matter. We are pleased to inform you that your leave request is approved for the requested days.

However, looking at the busy schedule of the company during the month end, the management would like to request that your current contact details should be submitted to the Human Resource Team before you go on leave for primary contact purposes since there might be some dealing which could not be done without your regard or in case of emergencies.

Also, do delegate your daily work responsibilities to your assistants and subordinates well to ensure a smooth flow of operation in the company in your absence since we are already dealing with a lot of work and cannot delay the work any further. In addition to that, please do make sure that you have completed all your previously assigned task before you go on the leave.

Lastly, for your information, with these approved four days of leave, you still have additional 12 days of entitled leave for this year. With the best regard.

Human Resource
Fairfield Industry

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