Leave Application Letter


A Leave Application letter is written to a higher authority person under whom the writer is working. This type of letter is written when the employee wants to be absent from work. There should be a valid or strong reason for taking off from work. The employee needs his or her employer approval for granting the application for leave when there are no rules followed by the company in providing leaves for the employees.

For example, a worker may need to look after his parents. So he writes a request letter for leave. The leave application should clearly state the reason behind the holiday and also mention the period of your absence. By doing so, you care to create an expression of professionalism in the eyes of the concerned person. In the end, the employee should assure that there will be no delay in the work even in his absence or he/she should complete his/her work before their leave.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Leave Application Letter.


Maria Anthony,

136 50th Street,

Calgary, AB T2R 0A9.



Mr. Benny Hines,

Managing Director,

Global Industries,

Calgary, AB T3R 2B3.

Subject: Leave Application

Dear Mr. Hines,

I am Maria Anthony working as a Production Manager in your company for the last three years. I am writing this letter to submit my leave request for the dates DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY. I would like to have your kind approval on my leave of 5 days, of which I am entitled to 20 days of leave this year; I have not taken any holidays so far. The main reason for this sudden leave is my youngest sister wedding. As I am the only person who looks after my family financially, it is compulsory for me to attend the wedding to take care of the arrangements.

I would be traveling back to my hometown as the marriage takes place there, and I have to oversee the whole ceremony planning. Hence, I would need to go earlier to make the necessary arrangements to make the wedding a beautiful event. I assure you that I shall complete all my outstanding work responsibly before I go off on my leave, if not completed I would assign them to my colleague so that there will be no delay in the work. I shall leave my contact number with my assistant in case I am required to assist in any work situation while on leave. I shall be back to work on Monday, DD/MM/YYYY. As there aren’t any remarks on me, I hope you would sanction my leave. Hoping an active and quick reply from you. Thank you in advance as I am anticipating a positive reply.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Maria Anthony,

Production Assistant.


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