Lease Extension Letter

Lease Extension Letter


A Lease Extension letter is given by the landlord to the tenant on the agreed extension of lease of a current property which is due to expire. This extension letter states the new period of lease from the old and soon-to-be expire period. This notification will allow the tenant to continue with the currently rented property. New terms and conditions of the contract may be included in this letter.  All the required dates are to be mentioned in the letter. Address the person properly with the date of the letter.  The writer of the letter, i.e., the landlord must mention the new terms and conditions with all the dates. The letter is written by the mutual consent of the both the parties, i.e., the tenant and the landlord. Since the letter is a formal letter, it must be straightforward and short with all the necessary details mentioned. To further make you understand better on how to write the lease extension letter there is a sample letter given below. You may refer to the following:

Sample Letter:

Following is a sample Lease Extension Letter to help you write one:


Matthew Middleton
Fair Price Property Agency,
655 Golden Avenue,
Miami, FL 24322



Ms. Lemon,
2127 Cedar Street,
Little Rock, AR 72212

Subject: Lease Extension

Dear Ms. Sander J. Lemon,

Hi, Ma’am, here with this letter serves as an extension to the lease contract for the rented property as per the address above, currently occupied by your good self since DD/MM/YYYY.

The lease for this said property is due to expire on DD/MM/YYYY. Since you have stayed in for long hence, with good faith in your intention to pay the rent as soon as possible, we have agreed to your request. Now that our agent had come to talk about the same, we understand your genuine reason so as per our discussion on the lease extension, it is agreed by both parties that this lease contract is to be extended for another month with some changes in the terms and conditions, as stated below.

Extended lease period is from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY.

New Terms and Conditions:
1) Rental now will be $300 per week (from current $280 per week)
2) Termination Notice is to be given one month before from the current three months.
3) The lease extension letter is to be issued at least a day before.

All other terms and conditions remain as per the lease contract dated DD/MM/YYYY

Thank you for using Fair Price Property for your housing comfort.

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew K. Middleton
Fair Price Property Agency


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