Lease Agreement Letter

Lease Agreement Letter

The lease agreement is a type of document usually written to recognize the official and legal binding relationship or contract between the parties.

A Lease Agreement Letter is considered to be the best way to make either party familiar and sure of the terms and conditions agreed or discussed by the parties orally before signing the agreement. The letter is either written to one of the parties or to the government to make them aware of the agreement between them.

A written form of agreement is considered to be the most valid form of agreement as in the case of oral agreement, either of the party may not keep their words. Sometimes memories fade, so it is better to have a written document of the lease agreement.

A written lease agreement letter can be easily enforceable and can be presented to the government if needed. The letter should make specifications regarding all the allied aspects and should consider the interest of both the parties while drafting the letter.

Have a look at the sample of the lease agreement letter to get an idea of writing it on your own.

Lease Agreement Letter Sample

Following is the sample letter for Lease Agreement Letter.

Beautiful Homes Property
531 Saint Francis Way
New Berlin, WI Street M295.



Ms. Kristen Arnold
1333 Willison Street
Rogers, MN M529,


Subject: – Regarding the lease agreement of the property.

Dear Ms. Arnold,

This letter is being written to inform you regarding the lease agreement as discussed by us. At this moment this letter serves as the lease agreement with all the attached terms and conditions on the preferred property for lease at the following address:

Address: L98 Bank Street, Maryland Heights, MO 0925, New Berlin.

We are pleased to know that this property is favorable to you and we acknowledge the receipt of your deposit of lease for this home. We shall be pleased to hand over the keys of this said address when you return this lease agreement signed as soon as possible. Then, you can move into the said property on or after DD/MM/YYYY.

Kindly look through the attached terms and conditions of lease carefully, and revert if you have any queries. Otherwise, we look forward to an amicable leasing relationship with you. You can call us at +41-963856 or drop your email at

Thank you for using Beautiful Homes Property for your comfortable stay. We are pleased to be of service to you.

Respectfully yours,

Shirley M. Setia

Beautiful Homes Property,

Saint Francis Way,

New Berlin.

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