Leadership Certificate

Leadership Certificate is a kind of professional certificate which is given to a person for displaying his or her exemplary leadership skills. The certificate is usually written by an employer of an organization to his or her employee. It may also be written by a teacher or any other authoritative person at an academic institution to one of the students. The certificate is important on part of the receiver as it helps him or her to attain a fruitful career.

The certificate should be formed of three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should begin by stating the name of the person who is being awarded the certificate. The next paragraph should incorporate a brief introduction about the receiver and details about his or her performance. The final paragraph should congratulate the person for receiving the certificate and wish him or her a prosperous future. Any kinds of mistakes should not be made in the content of the document.

The following is a sample of Leadership Certificate.

Sample Leadership Certificate

To whomsoever it may concern

This Leadership Certificate is, hereby, granted by E and L Diamond Magazine Limited, Albania, to Ms. Sarah Polley for her outstanding performance as the Team Leader, on October 15, 2017.

Ms. Sarah Polley has been serving E and L Diamond Magazine Limited since April 17, 2016, as the Art Director cum Creative Designer. She is very young and enthusiastic for holding the position. Despite her experience of four years in the publishing industry, her method of working and distinctive pattern of thinking secured her this position. With the careful observation of her performance since the day of joining, the management undertook the decision to make her the Team Leader for the ‘Analytical Thinking Skills Book for Kids Project’. It is a pleasure to announce that the project has been completed with great success and the books have been launched in the market. Satisfactory reviews have been received for these books. The other employees involved in the project have opined that under her leadership skills are admirable and without her proper guidance, it would have been difficult to attain perfection.

Hence, her performance is being recognized by the organization in the form of this certificate. We congratulate Ms. Sarah Polley for the achievement and believe that this recognition shall inspire her to make even greater achievements. We are proud to have her as one of our most efficient and hardworking employees.

Thanking you.

Michael Wines,

Chief Executive Officer,

E and L Diamond Magazine Limited

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