Law School Recommendation Letter

Law School Recommendation Letter


In today’s educational world, recommendations play an important role as the future of the student depends a lot on it. In law, a student has to go through an internship as a part of their course. Thus, later his/ her mentor can recommend them for a job after working with them closely. A law school Recommendation letter is a formal letter. Hence, it must be short and precise. The tone of the letter must be positive.

A Law School Recommendation letter can be written by a lawyer or an academic authority to recommend a student to further his studies in law at a preferred law school. The letter should contain reasons for the high recommendation of this student which should compel the faculty of law to accept him or her. You must highlight the qualities of the candidate so as to make him capable of being a part of the prospective law school.

Sample letter:

The following is a sample of a law school recommendation letter




Panama Law School,

3860 Star Trek Drive,
Panama City, FL 32401

Subject: Recommendation letter

Dear Sir / Madam,

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Joey Barker to be considered as one of your students for this fall in your prestigious law programs.

I have known Mr. Barker for nine months as he was an officer trainee at Ernst & Associates, after his high school last year. He was not sure of his career path until his stint with Ernst & Associates. Now, he has decided to be a full-fledged attorney. I believe he will make an excellent lawyer under Panama Law School Tutelage.

I am pleased to recommend him to your prestigious law school as I have experienced some fine law graduates from Panama Law School; some of whom are my esteemed colleagues. Mr. Barker is very diligent and receptive towards his learning; he is already very familiar with many legal terms and processes which would give him an edge in his law studies.

I look forward to your confirmed acceptance of Mr. Joey Barker into your law program for the next intake. I assure you that you will not regret your decision as he will leave no stone unturned to reach up to your expectations.

In case of any queries or doubts feel free to contact me at 3009807612 or drop a mail on

Respectfully yours,

Heather G. Turner

Senior Law Attorney

Ernst & Associates


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