Killer Sales Letter

Killer Sales Letter


A Killer Sales Letter is a highly effective letter offering some sales of product and services that the recipient would find very attractive and difficult to refuse. The letter contents would be so well worded and promising that the winner would be taken in to accept what is being offered. A positive response is bound to be reciprocated while a negative response will always be by way of a no-reply.

A sales letter is important as it shows the excellent service of the company and it serves as an opportunity for the client to ask for clarifications on the sales proposed. It would also remind the customer of the sales offered and make a decision. Given below is a sample letter that might come in handy while writing any such letter.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Killer Sales Letter.


Green Bucks Enterprise,

4539 Owen Lane,
Naples, FL 33940.

Subject: Just for You

January 24, 2011

Dear Sir / Madam,

Would you like to earn some passive income? Get extra cash without doing much? If your answer is ‘YES!’ to both the questions, then this letter of invitation is for YOU! Come now and grab all the things you can. This significant opportunity does not come our way so often. We at Green Bucks care about not only our growth but also about the satisfaction of our customers. As they say, the customer is the king of the market. We, at Green Bucks, make sure we get you feel like the king.

It is so easy to make not just EXTRA bucks, but other BIG BUCKS! Join us for a free seminar to check out your potential to Extra BIG BUCKS! At these seminars, we not only create awareness for smart buying and selling but also tell people about the rights as well as duties of a consumer as a token of appreciation for attending the same and showing them that we care. No one is a loser. Just call the number below to make a reservation on any of the scheduled dates in the attachment for ONE hour of your time. It could change your whole life! We promise.

You will lose nothing from attending this ONE-hour seminar; it is so interesting that you will want more, for it will be extra Big bucks coming your way soon.

Want to know how? Call us now!

Green Bucks Enterprise




Green Bucks Enterprise.


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