Job Transfer Letter


A job transfer letter can be a request by the employee or a directive from the management. The letter states the reason for the transfer to allow a good understanding of the situation. If the job transfer is requested by the employee, there must be an available vacancy. If it is the management’s directive, the employee has to consider the viability of the transfer before accepting.

If the transfer is the sole decision of the company, then ample reasons must be stated in the letter so that the recipient won’t have any future problems in their career. If there are terms and conditions for the same, then it must also be mentioned in the letter, or another form must be attached to the letter. Since it is an official letter, it must be written with utmost care and before forwarding the letter, it must be rechecked for spelling and grammatical mistakes and must be corrected if necessary.

Sample Letter


James Locklear,

Human Resource Manager,

Central Services Enterprise

June 25, 2010


Carl Matthews,

Project Manager,

Central Services Enterprise,

Dear Mr. Matthews,

RE: Job Transfer

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

This letter serves to inform you that the management would like to suggest a transfer of your services to its subsidiary in Mansfield for six months to 9 months with effect from September 2010.

The Mansfield office was undergoing some system upgrading in October 2010 and the management, after much deliberation, considers you as the best candidate to assist them in this important task since you have the experience and expertise.

You will be responsible for advising the Mansfield team on the necessary system requirements that will synergize with the headquarters system to bring on a more effective system communication. You will be reporting to the Director, Mr. Hal Lowe, at HQ every month, should you agree to this transfer.

Kindly revert with your decision before the end of the month. You may contact the undersigned for further clarifications if any. If you have any clarifications or doubts regarding the same, please do not hesitate to talk with either my assistant or me and remove it all. Hope you understand our situation and do the needful.  For further clarifications, you can contact the manager there, and his contact number is ********** or else you can email him at

Thank you,

Yours truly,

James Locklear

Human Resource Manager

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