Job Thank You Letter

Job thank you letter


A Job Thank You Letter is written by the successful job applicant to the company as a token of appreciation and gratitude to the business for offering the candidate the job. The letter should be sent soon after the organization has hired the candidate for a respective position. A follow-up letter of thank you shall be influential for the interviewer. For that, it is essential to write the letter in a very professional way.

The letter may consist of three paragraphs of which the introductory paragraph should begin with a warm thank you wish to the interviewer. The central paragraph should confirm the acceptance of the job offer and mention to the receiver that the candidate shall work hard and prove his or her selection a notable one. The letter should be concluded by thanking the interviewer once again for the giving opportunity. Avoid making any errors in the letter.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Job Thank You Letter.


Lorenzo J. Granata

1549-Carson Street,

San Diego, CA 92101,




Henry Templer

Recruitment Manager,

United Services Ltd.,

1553-Rosebud Avenue,

Garden City, NY 11530,

New York

Subject: Wholehearted Thanks for the Opportunity

Dear Mr. Henry Templer,

Please allow me to record my note of appreciation and acknowledgment for this golden opportunity that you have bestowed upon me to hold the responsibility for the post of Administrative Manager at your esteemed organization, United Services Ltd., commencing from DD/MM/YYYY.

I was delighted to receive the job employment letter, dated DD/MM/YYYY. I was indeed very happy to read the job offer in its contents. This letter serves to confirm my acceptance of the said position. I am also agreeable to the attached employment terms and conditions with this offered position. I shall submit the required documents, that is, a copy of the residence and ID proof, a proof of last three months’ salary drawn, and two passports sized photographs, on the day of joining. I shall be reporting to work at the office on DD/MM/YYYY, at 9 am.

I feel confident that my additional experience shall be fruitful in expanding the growth of the organization. I believe I can learn a lot by working here and make successful contributions in return. I shall work to the best of my abilities to prove your decision of appointing me.

I, once again, thank you for your kind consideration of me for this position.

Yours Sincerely,

Lorenzo J. Granata

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