Job Termination Letter


A Job Termination letter is written by the management to an employee whom it feels has not been performing to company’s expectations or has violated company’s work integrity or policies. Hence, a company can issue a job termination letter to terminate the services of the employee with or without giving any reason or further consideration. Whenever selecting an employee for a job, a company always looks for certain traits and hold some expectations from the person. However, if the person isn’t performing as per the standards, the company can terminate the employee. Other reason for the termination can be if the contract period of the job is over.

A job termination letter is a formal letter written to inform the employee of his dismissal from the company. It can contain the reason behind the dismissal, and one should try to not be very rude with the person if the dismissal is on the basis of unprofessional behavior. Be professional in your way of dismissal.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Job Termination Letter.



Peter Johnson,

Personnel Manager,

Detroit Management Services,

Detroit, MI 42466.



John S. Neary,


Detroit Management Services,

Detroit, MI 42466.


Subject: Termination of Services

Dear Mr. Neary.

With this letter, I am writing to inform you that the company, Detroit Management Services, will be releasing you of your services as of DD/MM/YYYY.

According to our terms of the contract, you were hired as a temporary employee since DD/MM/YYYY to assist in the extra workload that the company has due to the holiday season as per the contract. But now, the workload of Detroit Management Services has been returned to normal, and the current full-time staff can handle all work efficiently.

Thus, there is not enough work for you to warrant your employment in Detroit Management Services. Allow us to express our thanks for your 3 months of service at Detroit Management Services, and if we have the need to employ more workforce in the future, we shall call upon you again. Thank you for your efficient work during the period. As per the contract, we have attached a letter of recommendation along with this letter for your future endeavors.

We wish you the best in your future undertakings.

For Detroit Management Services,

Peter Johnson,

Personnel Manager.

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