Job Recommendation Letter


Job recommendation letter is a recommendation letter to recommend a person or a company for a particular job by his previous employer or anyone who is an expert in that field. It is a formal letter. The tone of the letter should be formal and polite. Cross check for any type of errors. Do not try to impose but maintain an unbiased and professional view while you recommend the person. You should have a valid reason to do so and don’t hesitate to mention those reasons.

When a person leaves a job, he/ she is required to submit a recommendation letter which is a proof of his/ her competence from an unbiased third party. A job recommendation mentions the reason of why the person is fit for the job and what makes him/ her stand apart from others and the person corroborates the good behavior of the person. Keep the letter to the point and simple.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Job Recommendation Letter.


Mr. Rhett Butler,

Managing Director,

Xeno Consulting Company,

2/1, Premier Towers,

Manhattan, NY-89989

25 April 2017


Mr. Damon Salvatore,

HR Head,

Clothes Over Bros Fashion Line,

78/1, Omaxe Towers,

Golden Gate, San Francisco-78789

Subject: Job Recommendation

Dear Mr. Damon,

This is a job recommendation on the behalf of Mr. Neal Caffery. Mr. Neal served as the head of the marketing division for the past 3 years. He had joined us 5 years ago when his starting position was a marketing manager.

Neal is a diligent and hard working person. He is very helpful and is a constant support and source of motivation for the other employees. He maintained a great rapport with the clients and took care that the clients’ wishes were delivered and they were satisfied with our consultations and suggestions.

He has a great number of awards and recognitions under his belt for his out of box approach for marketing. During the 5 years he worked with us, he helped us reach the zenith of our financial success. He is also a team player and took great care to ensure other employees growth in a holistic way.

He never shies away from a challenge and is a great asset to any organization. I wish him best of luck in his future endeavors and I hope he finds success and fulfillment in whatever he chooses to do next. I hope your company will be as benefitted from his work as we were. I hope my words will suffice.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Rhett Butler

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