Job Promotion Letter, Sample & Format

Job Promotion LetterA Job Promotion letter is written to inform an employee the good news of a promotion to a new and better post in the company. The letter is a congratulatory letter stating the promotion of the employee with possible reasons and words of motivation to encourage the successful employee to excel further.


Jasper Anderson

Human Resource Manager

Fulton Accounting Services

January 20, 2010


Gary Noel


Fulton Accounting Services

Dear Mr. Noel

Re: Promotion to Accountant

On behalf of Fulton Accounting Services, it gives me pleasure to inform you that the management has deemed it proper to promote you from Assistant Accountant to Accountant as of February 1, 2010.

After evaluating your work performance over the past year, the management is very satisfied with your meticulous work ethics and accurate reporting. We are delighted to note that you are capable of handling stress very well and performed efficiently over a few concurrent projects.

Hence, the management feels that a promotion is for you. We trust that you will continue to contribute your best to the company in your new position.

We offer you our heartiest congratulations on your promotion.

Yours sincerely,

Jasper Anderson

Human Resource Manager

Fulton Accounting Services


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