Job Offer Acceptance letter


A Job Offer Acceptance Letter allows the sender to express his acknowledgment of the job offer received and responses to this letter to indicate his willing acceptance of the offer. This letter is a good way to impact the company that the potential employee is responsible and courteous in responding quickly to any related issue. As it is a job acceptance letter, it should be a formal one.

It is always better to accept a job offer through a letter. It is better if you write two to three lines about the company and its achievements. Through this letter, you get the opportunity to express your gratitude for being offered a position, as well as your enthusiasm for taking part in the company or industry. If you have any queries regarding anything such as office timings, incentives offered you can ask them. In the end, mention that you would strive hard for the welfare of the company or the industry.

Sample letter

The following is a sample of Job Offer Acceptance Letter.


Charles David,

471 Peace Street,

Portland, OR 97209,



Jennifer Gardner,

Recruitment Director,

Major League Partnerships,

2721 Wilson Street,

Palm Springs, CA 92262,

Subject: Acceptance of Job Offer

Dear Ms. Gardner,

I, Charles David, am writing this letter to accept the offer made by your company. It is indeed my pleasure to inform you that I shall be accepting your kind offer for the post of Accounts Manager at Major League Partnerships with effect from DD/MM/YYYY. I am very grateful for the opportunity being served in your esteemed company as you are one of the leading enterprises in the banking sector. To my knowledge, the company was established in the year 2003, and within a span of seven years you took one of the top positions in the banking sector, and it is a very rare thing to happen. I bow down for your hard work and determination.

Thank you for believing in me. I shall be reporting to work at your office on DD/MM/YYYY, at 9 am. I will bring the appointment letter and necessary proofs for identification. Should there be any other document that you would like, me to bring along, please let me know. I would like to know about the office timings and complete incentives I would get and also inform me the attire I should wear in the office. Please do reply me about the queries and also send be a brief note about the work I have to do in the office so that I can have a clear picture of my role in the office. Once again, thank you for the good news. I look forward to contributing favorably to the welfare of the organization.

Yours sincerely,

Charles David.


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