Job Invitation Letter


Invitation letters are written to notify and invite people or an individual for a certain reason. An invitation letter can be used to invite a person or people to a certain event for celebration, an employee to work for a company or a client for business prospects. Invitation Letters are a wonderful way to let people know one is willing to make a polite, formal, or friendly request to join them.

A Job Invitation Letter is a letter that is written by a company or an organization to an individual they wish to employ and be a part of their team. It allows the writer to demonstrate their professionalism and fix and appointment for an interview with the prospect employee. It can also be used to put forward basic terms and clauses of the offer or things such as vacation time or benefits. All necessary details regarding the interview and the related paperwork can also be mentioned to reduce future hassle.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Job Invitation Letter.


Timothy D. McMillan,
Transcorporation Pvt. Ltd.,
4559 Caldwell Road,
Brighton, NY – 14623.


John Epperson,
3639 Caldwell Road,
Brighton, NY – 14624.

Subject: Job Invitation Letter.

Dear Mr. Epperson,

We, at Transcorporation, is pleased to offer you the position of Assistant Director, Customer Relations at our office. The skills and experience you possess will be an ideal fit for our customer service and relationship department.

As we discussed, your starting date shall be DD/MM/YYYY, with a starting salary of forty thousand dollars (40,000$) per anum and will be paid on a weekly basis. If you wish a direct deposit is also available. Full family medical coverage will also be provided by our Company’s Employee Benefits plan and will be valid from DD/MM/YYYY. Dental and Optical Insurance are also available for convenience.

Transcorporation Pvt. Ltd. offers a flexible paid time off plan which includes vacations, personal leaves, and sick leaves. The time off accrues at a rate of one day per month for the first year of your job, then increases based on your tenure with the company and performance. Eligibility for the company’s retirement plan begins after three months of your joining date.

If you wish to accept this job offer, please sign the attached copy of this letter and return it to me at the soonest of your convenience. Once when your acknowledgment of the job offer is received, we will send you employee benefit enrollment forms along with an employee handbook which details our benefit plans and retirement plan. We look forward to welcoming you to the Transcorporation team.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions or I can provide any additional information.

Timothy D. McMillan,
Director, Human Resources,
Transcorporation Pvt. Ltd.

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