Job Evaluation Appeal Letter


An Appeal Letter is a letter that allows one to make a formal appeal against one’s employer. The letter sets out what decision is being appealed. One needs an appeal letter when someone is handed with a first or a final written warning with which one is disagreeing, and they want to make it clear to the employer. This kind of letter is usually written to the Human Resources Department or the employer of the individual.

A Job Evaluation Appeal Letter is a letter drafted by an employee to be sent to his or her employer or the Human Resources Department, seeking evaluation or reevaluation of their job performance. As the letter is a professional letter, it should be written in a formal and polite manner. The letter should be short, to the point and respectful.The reason behind asking for an evaluation also needs to be made clear to avoid future confusion.

Sample Letter:

The following is an example of a  Job Evaluation Appeal Letter.

Paul K. Jones,
145 Kenwood Place,
Claremore, OK – 74019.


Michael E. Taylor,
Branch Manager,
Food Deli Pvt. Ltd,
739 Fieldcrest Road,
Claremore, OK – 74018.

Subject: Job Evaluation Appeal Letter.

Dear Sir,

I, Paul K. Jones, a Staff Coordinator at Food Deli Pvt. Ltd, am writing this letter to make a formal request to you to reevaluate my appraisal for midyear that was published last week. My evaluation score was shown to be two and a half out of five points, which just goes on to demonstrate that I have been an average mid-level performer.

The main reason why I am not in agreement with this score is that throughout the last few months, I have received only positive feedback from the clients, my seniors and also my peers. I have also helped to facilitate the training of new recruitments who have joined and taken roles as well as responsibilities of management and performed fabulously themselves. I have also received tons of emails filled with positive remarks and feedbacks. My seniors also praised me for the consistent high performance, accuracy and hard work during the last few months.

Considering the circumstances mentioned above, I believe my evaluation is not accurate. Please find all the appreciation emails I have attached with this letter so that you can go through them once again and revise my assessment. This midyear score will affect my annual score and my salary increment, and that is why I request you to give it another look.

Yours faithfully,
Paul K. Jones,
Staff Coordinator.

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