Job Confirmation Letter


If one is notified about something, it is polite and courteous for them to confirm that the message has been received. A letter can be drafted and sent back to the sender to confirm the received message or acceptance of an offer; this letter is usually identified as a Letter of Confirmation. It is typically used for the purpose to acknowledge or confirm that one has understood the message sent. There are different types of Confirmation Letter, but they all share a common format.

A Job Confirmation Letter is a letter that is sent out by an employer or an organization, to confirm the employee of their requested position at the Company. The letter should be short and precise. The letter can also carry information about the details of the job the individual needs to conduct. The letter is usually sent out to an employee, who has been on probation and the company wishes to make their position permanent.

Sample Letter:

The following is an example of a Job Confirmation Letter.

Robert R. Chapman,
MegaCorporation Pvt. Ltd.,
3050 Progress Way,
Iowa City, IA – 52242.


Timothy Jenkins,
4117 Bailey Drive,
Iowa City, IA – 52240.

Subject: Job Confirmation Letter.

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Following the completion of your three months probation period at MegaCorporation Pvt. Ltd., we have evaluated your performance and found the same to be extremely satisfactory. We have seen and acknowledged your diligence and hard work.

Given the above, we are pleased to inform you that you have been confirmed to hold the position of Senior Sales Manager at our Company with effect from DD/MM/YYYY. Your salary has been revised to fifty thousand dollars (50,000$) per anum, with effect from your confirmed joining date as a Sr. Sales Manger. With you joining our ranks at MegaCorporation, you can avail all the benefits our company provides for its employees, such as medical coverage. You will be receiving your salary on or before the 5th of every month, which shall be reviewed every twelve months and might be increased based on your performance. All other terms and conditions of your appointment shall remain the same.

Please sign and return the attached documents of your acceptance of the terms and conditions to me at the earliest possible. Do not hesitate to reach out to me, at or ********** if that is more convenient, in case you have any queries. MegaCorporation congratulates you on your confirmation and wishes you well in your position.

Robert R. Chapman,
Staff Coordinator,
MegaCorporation Pvt. Ltd.

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