Job Complaint Letter


A complaint letter is usually written to a boss or a higher authority of an organization concerning any objection or a bad situation you faced or are still facing. There can be many reasons an employee can resort to writing a complaint letter to raise an objection about the issue with his colleagues or any misbehavior from the office members.It is often seen that the workplace experiences people who harass discriminate etc. creates a negative environment. Writing such a letter is important as the reputation of the company is at stake.

Writing this letter is the responsibility of every person associated with the company and ignoring it can cause further issues. It is important that one mentions all the proper reasons which he feels are harmful to a good workplace. This letter should be honest, and there should not be any exaggerations. One should write this letter keeping in mind the future of the company and relief from the ongoing problem for the smooth functioning of everything. This letter should have a professional tone and must not be too long. Finally, a request to look into the matter as quickly as possible should be made, so the issue is resolved.

Sample Letter:

Mr. Dinesh Kartik
Human Resource Manager,
BGF Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
New Delhi-675



Ishani Sharma

BGF CorporationĀ Pvt. Ltd

New Delhi – 675

Subject: Complaint letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you with utmost regret, but this issue cannot be ignored and had to bring to your notice. I want to register a complaint against Mr. Satish Bahl for inappropriate behavior at the workplace. He was warned by the team leader a couple of months ago but has resorted to the same misbehavior again.
Mr. Bahl has no decency whatsoever when it comes to women. He constantly taunts and disrespects them, and I assure that most women will agree if you ask them personally but they fear their jobs as Mr. Bahl is senior to them. Also, I have attached the signature of the team members who would want to complain about the same.
I kindly request you to investigate this matter and resolve it as quickly as possible since the company’s reputation is at stake.
Thanking You!

Ishani Sharma

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