Job Certification Letter


Job Certification letter is an important letter regarding employment of a person. This letter mainly serves the purpose of verification and background check of a person from his previous job.This letter is usually written by a higher authority like a team leader or a boss from your last office. This Letter should include all basic details like joining date, resignation date or the reason for leaving the previous job, etc.

This letter is a written proof of your real profile, your background, true identity and abilities as an employee. Keep the letter brief and concise avoid too many details. The letter should have a professional tone and must be written formally. Include all necessary details of your previous jobs as well as your achievements. Tell them that you will provide full assistance for any further verification


Sample Letter:


Naveen Richard
SNS Bank Pvt. Ltd.Monarch Towers, 5th Floor
16 Pelcher Road


Subject: Job Certification Letter

To whomsoever, it may concern

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is to certify that Mr. Jay Sharma has been working in our bank from MM/YYYY. He has been doing excellent ever since then and was the last working for us as an assistant manager. Although he joined in as an assistant officer, his hard working nature and dedication have taken him to a new professional level and made him an expert in this sector.

During the nine years of his tenure, he has been loyal and has undertaken every task and also accomplished them with great enthusiasm. His efforts and dedication are nothing short of gold. Also, he has showcased his excellent managerial skill for the latest project in the absence of our main manager, and as you might have known, the results are very impressive.

When he asked for this letter, I decided to write it for him without any hesitation because he deserves this chance. I think he will prove his importance in your company with time gradually and this is my guarantee. All the details and proofs attached to this letter are original and true to the best of my knowledge.

A no objection certificate has been issued as per your request. I reckon you give Jay a chance and he will not disappoint at all. Thanking you and I will provide full assistance in case of any further verification.

Yours truly
Taskin Ahmed
SNS Bank

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