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Every opening or vacancy in an organization gets a huge number of applications, and it is obvious that all of these applicants can’t get the job. As a recruiter, it is very important that the interviewed candidates get a proper response to their selection. Not hearing about the result from the company after an interview is not a favorable situation for them as they might wait too long enough and miss out on other opportunities as well. Hence, it is extremely necessary that a job application letter is written to a candidate as soon as possible.

Although, a rejection letter helps in building a company’s reputation. This letter should have a polite tone, use of positive words and must be written professionally. It should be a formal letter and a brief one. Mention a proper reason for not selecting them. This will help them build their resume and point out the fields where they lack. It is a good gesture to thank them for applying for the job and wish them good luck for their future. The sample letter mentioned below will help you write a job application rejection letter.

Sample Letter:

B&C Tech Pvt. Ltd.
12 Posner Towers
3rd Floor, 309
New Delhi-567


Ranjeet Verma
12 Silver Mist Apts.
Khar, Mumbai-52

Dear Mr. Ranjeet,

Greetings from B&C Tech Pvt. Ltd. We received your application for the Senior Technology Consultant position on DD/MM/YYYY. We looked into your resume and work experience which is quite impressive, but we regret to inform you that we think you’re not the most suitable person for this position.
We need someone with at least three years of experience as a Senior Tech Consultant and high-end knowledge about Microprocessors. So a person with a Computer Science or IT background is more suited for this position.
We would surely recommend you to our partner firms in Delhi and Mumbai. If you’re still keen on getting this position, we suggest you do courses in the fundamentals of computers and learn to code.
Thank you for applying and wish you good luck for your future!

Yours sincerely,
B&C Tech Pvt. Ltd.

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