Job Acceptance Letter

Job Acceptance Letter


A Job Acceptance Letter is written by the successful job applicant to indicate his acceptance to the offered post by the company. It usually contains a note of thanks for being selected for employment and confirmation to start work conditions before the successful candidate reports for work. It is a good practice to send a job acceptance letter in response to a job offered.

Since a Job Acceptance Letter is a formal letter, it should be written in a professional tone with a thanking note to the employer. Keep the letter upbeat and as short as possible because the employer doesn’t have much time to read long and lengthy letters. Maintain a polite tone throughout the letter. Take a look at the sample of this job acceptance letter to get an idea to write when it comes to you.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Job Acceptance Letter.



Chris S. Molinari

3141 Deer Ridge Drive,

NJ 07T102, Newark.



Donovan Morley

Recruitment Manager,

Far East Enterprise,

43 Mayor Avenue,

KY 42T442, Newark.

Subject: – Regarding acceptance of job offer.

Dear Mr. Morley,

Thank you for your kind offer of the advertised position of Research Supervisor to me after my interview last week. This is to confirm that I have received your job offer letter for this position which was dated May 10, 2017. Thank you for your prompt decision. Herewith, I am writing to accept the job offer.

I am agreeable to the set of terms and conditions as stated in the offer letter. I am pleased to commence work on May 20, 2017. I shall report at your office at 9 am along with any other documents which you might require from me. As mentioned in the job offer letter my starting salary will be $500,000 and the allowances will be provided by the organization.

I am excited and grateful for this golden opportunity to prove my capability at your esteemed organization. I look forward to my first day successful contribution at the Far Fast Enterprise.

Please let me know if there are additional changes regarding the information. I look forward to meeting you soon. Once again I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work under your guidance in an esteemed organization.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Molinari,

3141 Deer Ridge Drive,

NJ 07T102, Newark.

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