Invitation Letters


Invitation Letters are written to an individual or to a family to invite them to an occasion you are going to celebrate or conduct. It is a formal request to ask for their presence on occasion. The invitation letter may be formal or informal. You follow formal format when it is a business invitation letter. When you are writing this letter to a known and close person, an informal letter would be suitable for it.

The letter should include details about the host, the date and time of the event, the venue and how to accept the invitation.  When it is a business invitation letter, it should be formal as you are writing this letter to your business associates or clients.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Invitation Letters.



7-d, Madhuri Residency,

Anna Nagar,




Sai Kiran,

Flat no: 205, R K Towers,



Subject: Invitation

Dear Kiran,

How are you, my friend? I am fine here and hope the same from you. It has been so long since our meet and I think now is the correct time we meet as we were blessed with a baby boy last month. So I am planning to arrange a party at my place. I need you and your family to come over so that we can have some fun. I am inviting all our friends to this occasion. It will be a lot of fun if all our friends meet after such a long time.

The date of the occasion is 5th of next month, and I am sending you an invitation one month before so that you can make necessary arrangements to make yourself free at that time. Please try to come before two days of the mentioned date. I have booked a resort for our friends so that we can stay there and we can have a lot of fun over there. I have also arranged a place for the families to stay, so there is no need to worry about them. On 5th I took a function hall and the party will be over there. So I suggest you come to my place as early as possible. Once you land in Chennai, make a call to me so that I can send you a cab as you are coming to my home for the first time. You know how the consequences will be if you fail to attend this occasion. Convey my regards to your wife Sheela and my heartful love to cute little Shyam. Hope I will see you soon.

With Love,



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