Invitation Letter

Invitation letter


An Invitation letter is a simple letter written to invite or request the presence of an individual or groups of patrons for a celebration or an important function. It can be an informal or formal affair. In the case of an informal letter, you can mention the relations and some memories of the previous times you met. In the case of a formal invitation letter mention the reason for the invitation and the significance of the attendee. An invitation letter is part of proper planning for a function to be successful so that the number of attendees to the function will be estimated, if not known precisely. Write the letter in a polite manner and the letter should be convincing. The letter should be written in the proper format and should be checked for errors.

The invitation letter should state the details of the occasion concisely to allow the recipient to consider accepting the invite. Write the letter in the correct format and remember to thank the reader at the end. Also, ask the reader for confirmation on their presence at the occasion. Be concise and exact in your points as well as the information that you need to get through. Do not unnecessarily write things that are not important in an invitation letter. Make it a point to send the letter a few days in advance so that the attendees could free their schedule to attend the occasion.

Sample Letter:


Miles & Debra Low

35 Lakeview Way



Jamie Davidson

41 Adamsville Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Jamie,

Re: Invitation to Shaun’s 10th Birthday Party

It is our pleasure to invite you to Shaun’s 10th birthday party this DD/MM/YYYY, at 7 pm at our Lakeview Clubhouse. This is a special occasion as Shaun turns ten on this DD/MM/YYYY. We would like to make it a memorable occasion for him.

As his best friend, you are one of Shaun’s VIP guests at his birthday bash. But it is to be a surprise for Shaun. We are requesting that you will keep Shaun’s birthday bash a secret from him, and keep it that way until that day.

It would be a fun-filled time with the pool activities and a clown as well as a magician, which are Shaun’s favorite activities.

Please give us a confirmation of your attendance as soon as you can so that we can plan the day’s events together.

Thank you in advance for your good cooperation.

With love,

Miles & Debra

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