Invitation Letter to Invite a Friend to Your Country

Introduction :

Friends are an integral part of our life. We make many friends as we grow up and mostly end up going separate ways because of our commitments towards other important things in life. However, no matter how far we are from our friends in physical distance, we always have them in our hearts and try to catch up with them whenever we find the time to do so. It’s harder when the friend lives in another country as it requires a passport and other relevant documents to travel abroad.

An invitation letter to invite a friend to your country for summer vacation is an informal letter written to a friend living abroad to visit you in your country. You can mention the things that you two could do and how it has been long, and you both need to catch-up with each other. It is a good gesture as a friend and warms the heart of the person being invited.


Sample :

The following is the sample of invitation letter to invite a friend to your country.



Nikita Shukla,

C-4, housing colony,

Mumbai, India.



Muskan Saluja,

33 Lane, Willfree Colony,

Toronto, Canada.

Subject – Invitation to my country.

Dear Muskan,

Warmest greetings to you. I hope you are doing fine. It has been a long time since we last saw each other i.e., it was during graduation four years ago. Life has been busy ever since you got placed and moved to Canada. However, I am writing you this letter to invite you back to India for a couple of days on the occasion of my wedding that is to take place.

I hope you remember the countless number of times we used to plan for our perfect wedding day, starting from all the functions, dresses, makeup and all other things. Finally, the time has come for you to do everything as the bridesmaid.

It has been a long time since you last visited us here and I hope you can make it this time as I am sure that the occasion will be incomplete without you. I have attached the wedding card along with this letter so that you can be briefed regarding the days of the functions. I am looking forward to meeting you. Don’t disappoint me this time.


Nikita Shukla,

C-4, housing colony,

Mumbai, India.

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