Invitation Letter For Visa


When people apply for Visa, they are usually asked to give a letter that invites them to the country written by an individual who is already residing in that company. This letter of invitation is crucial, and it could be written by a family member, friend or some close person. The letter should contain the reasons why the person should visit the country. The letter of invitation doesn’t guarantee a visa, but it’s rather an important factor in getting one. If you write a Letter of invitation, that does not make you legally responsible for the visitor. But this is a display of faith in the candidate willing to visit the country.

The letter of Invitation for the visa is usually written to the embassy. Maintain a level of politeness and professionalism while writing this letter as this letter could make a huge impression on the official’s whether to issue the visa for the concerned person or not. Mention the important details of the person you are inviting like complete name, date of birth, address, telephone number, the purpose of visit,  your relationship with the candidate, duration of the stay, funding, when the person plans to leave, etc.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Invitation Letter For Visa.


Mathew Joseph,

XXI, Vivian Street,

New town, Texas.

American Consulate General,

Bombay, India

Subject: Invitation Letter for Visa

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m Mathew Joseph, and I’m working as a Doctor at Hill View Hospital, Texas. My annual income is $90,000 per year. I’m planning to invite my friend, Ms. Leila Shiva to visit the USA  as tourists and also because she wishes to meet me in person. She will be staying at my home in Texas for three months. I would be the one bearing responsibilities of her needs such as financing, air tickets, other travel expenses within the states, stay here and food. I assure that she will be leaving the United States before the expiration of the visa period. She is a reputed Doctor at Amrita Hospital, India and a genuine person with a good reputation. I’m sure that she won’t be involved in any illegal activities during her stay in the United States. The purpose of her visit is limited to tourism, and there is no need for any concerns in her involvement in any other activities or organizations.

I humbly request you to grant her Visiting Visa and the permission to stay in the United States for the valid legal period.


Mathew Joseph


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