Invitation Letter For Marriage


We are all familiar with marriage invitation letters and will usually come across them regularly. Even though it’s very familiar, when the time comes to write one, many people struggle. It is to be understood that coming up with a beautiful invitation for such a special occasion like marriage is not simple; it takes some patience. It’s a special occasion for the one’s who are getting married and to complete their happiness; it is essential that all the guests that they desire would be present for the function. This is why writing an impressive marriage invitation is important.

The invitation letter could also be written in a personal manner for instance if it’s a very close friend or co- worker. Or it could be even an e-mail invitation that you are sending to your acquaintances. Whatever it may be, you have the freedom to write each invitation in its way to particular people, and the only thing to be taken care is that it should be a polite and warm invitation. It’s best if the letter is written in a beautiful and pleasant language. The tone should be such that it should make the guests feel important and should make the realize that their esteemed presence is deeply desired. Also, all the specific details about the marriage function such as date, venue, timing, etc.should are mentioned precisely. Follow the sample letter provided below to understand better about writing a beautiful wedding invitation.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Invitation Letter For Marriage.


George Felix,

Nila Bhavan,

Puthencruz, Ernakulam



Mathew Varghese,

XII, Judge’s Avenue,


Dear Mathew,

Marriage is a promise to hold together our tomorrows and everything it offers. And I have been lucky to see my daughter take that step. I would like to invite you along with your family to my daughter’s marriage. The groom is the son of a very close friend of mine whom you may know – Mr. Tony Justin.

It’s my great pleasure to invite you and your family on the beautiful occasion of the marriage of my daughter Jinisha George with Alex Justin. The ceremony of tying the knot is to be held on DD/MM/YYYY at R.D.R Park, Trivandrum at 11 am. The reception will be held at the residence of the groom on the same day at 3 pm. Your presence at the ceremony on the special day of my daughter’s life is deeply desired.

All the accommodation arrangements have been made. Please grace the occasion with your family, and we would be pleased.

Kindly bring your blessings and not gifts.


George Felix




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