Invitation Letter For Dinner

Invitation letter for dinner


An Invitation letter for dinner is a letter written to invite or request the presence of the recipient for dinner. The dinner could be a formal or informal affair. An informal dinner invitation is usually held out to family members or friends in case of any small or big occasion that the inviting person wants to celebrate with his loved ones. In the case of a formal invitation for dinner, it is usually for business talks and usually requires for the person to impress the person he invites. This dinner needs to be perfect and should be very impressing. The letter can state the reason for the dinner invitation, and the details of the function are also listed for the recipient’s convenience. Make sure the letter is convincing and polite.

The invitation letter should state the details of the dinner concisely to allow the recipient to consider accepting the invite. Write the letter in the correct format and remember to thank the reader at the end. Also, ask the reader for confirmation on their presence at the dinner. Be concise and exact in your points and the information that you need to get through. Do not unnecessarily write things that are not important in an invitation letter. Make it a point to send the letter a few days in advance so that the attendees could free their schedule to attend the dinner.

Sample Letter:


Ronald & Joy Jones

1394 Oliver Drive
Ryu, KS 67870



Gladys M. Sanchez

3120 Martha Ellen Drive
Ryu, KS 67870

Dear Gladys,

Re: Dinner Invitation

It would be our pleasure to have you over for dinner at our home on DD/MM/YYYY.

We would like to take the opportunity to host a dinner to welcome you to our neighborhood. You will find that our community is quite close-knitted and we take good care of one another. We know that you are a single lady staying alone, having moved from Wisconsin.

We would like to get to know you better, if we may. We do not mean to intrude into your privacy, but it is good to touch base with some community residents to ensure that our homes are always safe.

We look forward to your presence on DD for dinner. It would be a small gathering of neighbors who would like to get to know you too. You will enjoy the fabulous recipes from many of our residents.

Please confirm your availability to our dinner invitation. Thank you.

With love,

Ronald & Joy

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