Invitation Acceptance Thank You Letter


We all often get invited for different events. It could be a marriage invitation, party or even a  business function. Many times, people tend to forget to acknowledge the letter and thank them for the invitation. Even though often considered not so important, it has to be understood that sending gratitude for the invitation is a polite gesture. This is even more important in the professional field. An Invitation Acceptance Thank You Letter can be written to show acceptance and gratitude for inviting you. This can be a drafted letter or e-mail. Mention the function or event that you are invited to and explain why you consider this invitation valuable as well as state whether you would be present or not.

As the purpose of this letter is to send thanks for the invitation, The tone of the letter should be expressing gratitude. The letter should be up to the point. On the other hand, if it’s a personal letter, you can be as expressive as you wish.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter of Invitation Acceptance Thank You Letter.


Tino George,

XIIA, Second Street,




Justin Thomas,

VVVI, Main Road,


Subject: Accepting your invitation

Dear Justin,

I hope you are doing great. I’m so happy that your daughter has grown to a healthy girl and now is celebrating her fifth birthday. Time flies and I still remember the day she was born. I haven’t been able to see her after her first birthday, and I’m looking forward to meeting the little angel soon.

Undoubtedly, I would be present at the function with my family. My children are excited too about meeting Sana after such a long time. I will be in the city for another day, and if possible, I hope we can go for a leisure trip around the town with our families as it has been such a long time since we did something exciting together. Also, do let me know if there is anything that you would want from Calicut. I will definitely get it for you.

I once again wholeheartedly express my gratitude for inviting me to the function and I am too excited to visit you all. Looking forward to meeting you all.

With Love,

Tino George

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