Invitation Acceptance letter

Invitation Acceptance letter


An individual writes an Invitation Acceptance letter in response to an invitation to a function or event. This letter is a courtesy letter from the sender informing the recipient that the sender is agreeable to accept the invitation. The letter is simple in its contents, giving affirmation to an earlier invitation. The invitation acceptance letter can be in any context. i.e. invitation for a conference, or exhibition or even a campus recruitment. An invitation acceptance letter is written so as to respond to an invitation. It shows the interest as well as the etiquette of the receiver.

Also, an invitation acceptance letter sends a positive message to the sender. This would trigger more invitations in future. An invitation acceptance letter is a cordial and official way to reciprocate an invitation positively. It also makes a record for the receipt and acknowledgment as well as acceptance of a particular invitation for an event or occasion.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Invitation Acceptance letter.


Mack M. Najera,


Meadows Green Industry,

2517 Halls Drive,

Tower City,

ND 58071.

February 11, 2011


James Freidman,

Hotel Hilton,

488 Adams Road, Laredo, TX 78830

Subject: Invitation Acceptance

Dear Mr. Friedman,

Thank you for your kind invitation to Hotel Hilton’s 50th Anniversary on February 20, 2011, at the Hilton Hotel in Laredo. I am happy to know that you are touching a very important milestone. Being a loyal guest to your hotel, I would definitely attend the event. I would be a part of your celebration on this very important and critical milestone.

I am pleased to inform you that it would be my pleasure to accept this invitation as a gesture of my long standing business relations with your esteemed firm. I would be delighted to present a speech during Hotel Hilton’s 50th Anniversary. Thank you for that honor. I would be happy enough to oblige to your invitation. I have been a guest at your hotel since its inception for all my business meetings and also my vacations. It has truly been an overwhelming journey seeing you grow and now turn 50. My experience with your hotel has always been peaceful and amazing.

I look forward to strengthening our business collaboration between our companies. It has been Meadows Green Industry’s privilege to have enjoyed the hospitality of Hotel Hilton. I wish your organization further success in your future endeavors as you move on in your business undertakings.

Yours sincerely,

Mack M. Najera,


Meadows Green Industry.

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