Investment Proposal Letter


Investments are an important factor for the success of a business firm. If a good investor does not invest in the business firm, it would not have the progress that is needed. To get big business to invest in your business is a tough job that people who do business often faces. The best method to convince an investor to your business is to impress them with whatever positive you have in your business. The usual procedure is sending an investment proposal letter seeking their investment in your company and expressively describing the positive aspects of your firm, the benefits or profit that the investor might earn because of the investment, etc.

An investment proposal letter in an official invitation to organizations and individuals for investing in your business. The letter should be professional and polished and should have all essential details regarding your business. It’s mandatory to mention the benefits and the profit that the investor will gain by investing in your firm.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Investment Proposal Letter.

Kenedy Van Hilton,

Manager, Ten Cafe Co.

99A, New town, Mandrel

9 July 2014


Mr. Jerry Jones,


Next INC.


Subject: Investment Proposal letter

Dear Mr.Jerry,

I, on behalf of Ten cafe, is writing this letter as an invitation to invest in our new business plan. We have made the decision to open three new cafes in the city, and they are expected to be set up at New Street, China town, and Manshire Street. These are very busy and crowded streets and its cent percent sure that the cafe will be filled by people seeking relaxation. As our estimation goes, we have found that these are ideal places for cafes and we are hoping on making a high profit.

I have attached a detailed plan and the documents regarding the new venture along with this mail. Kindly refer them and consider making an investment in our new venture. Our company has been running the cafe at new town since 1987 and is famous all over the state. We hold an excellent reputation till now nad I’m sure our new ventures will receive great support from the public as we have been receiving.  I’m sure that if you invest in this venture, it will bring you great profit.

I once again request you to refer the investment proposal attached with the letter and kindly reply to us. We hope you would bake the decision to invest in a firm such as our’s which hold a tremendous reputation. Kindly feel free to contact us regarding your queries and doubts.


Kenedy Van Hilton

Ten Cafe Co.


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