Introduction Letter to Customer

Introduction Letter to Customer


When a new product or service is launched in the market, it’s success depends on two things; the product’s features, and it’s marketing. Many good and affordable products fail in the market because people do not come to know about it. Hence, marketing of the product is considered very crucial to its success. This can be done via advertising in newspapers, magazines, etc., but this is to tell the world at large about the product. This may work in case of consumer goods but in the case of industrial products it not be as effective. The best way to advertise a product is to talk or mail regular customers about the product, its uses, etc.

An Introduction letter to a customer is a letter by a company to its customer with the objective of introducing some goods or services of the company. This letter may be the first letter to a potential customer, and it is important to make a good impression for the client with its format and contents so that the customer may want to make a purchase.

Sample Letter:

The following is a Sample of Introduction to Customer Letter.



Robert F. Hults

Sales Director

YTL Mobile Services

3162 Tetrick Road
Sebring, FL 33870



Benjamin A. Ortez

2317 Calvin Street
Hanover, MD 21076

Dear Sir,

RE: Introduction of Product

It is my pleasure to show you the latest way to make a good impression on people around you. Everyone uses cell phones today; YTL Mobile Services is delighted to introduce to you its latest mobile accessory, the CleanPhone Model 102.

CleanPhone Model 102 is the most recent innovation in the cell market where it can keep you cell phone folders in tiptop condition. It is an intelligent add-on to your mobile where it can perform housekeeping chores in your phone memory. This saves precious time and space in the memory. It also has a built-in software to prevent snooping or virus from infecting your cell phone. It can be used as an external add-on where it performs its functions without taking up any cell memory space, or it can be downloaded as an in-house ‘cleaner’ ready to work automatically while taking very little space.

We are also offering a ten days trial pay to a select few people. To avail the benefits, please do revert to us.

Please feel free to call on the undersigned email address or phone number for more details or queries that you may have on this fantastic product, only from YTL Mobile Services.

Yours Truly,

Robert F. Hults

Sales Director

YTL Mobile Services

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