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While applying for a job, it’s important to make your application look outstanding among all the applications that the employee may receive. It’s necessary that your application is catchy and impressive. To make that happen a good introduction letter is necessary. An introduction letter for a job is a type of message that you send to the employer as a cover or an introduction to your resume or CV. This gives an overall impression of who you are, your abilities and aptness for the job. As this is the first impression that will be made to the employer about you, it’s bound to be a good one.

Always maintain a level of professionalism while writing an introduction letter as the type of words you choose describes a lot about you. This doesn’t mean the introduction letter has to be written in a Shakespearean language; it should be simple and understandable yet classy. Mention briefly about you, your skills, education, working experiences, etc. Follow the sample letter given below if you need help in writing a good Introduction Letter for a Job.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Introduction Letter For A Job.


Maria Paul,

XII, Panapmally Nagar,

Cochin, Kerala



The Human Resources Manager,

Varma Designs,


Subject: Introduction Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m Maria Paul, currently working as a costume designer at schematic, Kochi. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to switch careers from costume design to textile design. I believe that Varma Designs is an excellent place to work for a person aspiring a career in textile design.

I’m a graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kannur in B.des (Fashion Design). I have been working at Schematic, Kochi for three years and my roles include meeting the clients, maintain deals with wholesale cloth dealers and designing costumes according to the requirements of my firm or the client’s particular interests. I’m experienced in creating bot traditional and western costumes. I’m a specialist in designing wedding outfits.

Always my dream was to build a career in textile design and am genuinely interested in its prospectus. I believe that with the skill and experience that I have learned through costume design, it would be possible for me to take the initial steps into textile design and Varma Designs is a place that I have been dreaming about working at. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to showcase my skills there. I have attached my CV and certificates with this mail; kindly refer the same.


Maria Paul


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