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The best way to get to know an individual is by meeting them phase to phase and try eliciting all the required information from them in a structured manner. The whole point of an interview is to gather all the relevant information from the individual pertaining to your task or assignment. Therefore, there should always be multiple rounds of screening. This could include eliminating people based on their resumes, then on their group discussion round and finally on their interview round.

It is therefore imperative to propose to your seniors to conduct an interview round for the same. An Interview proposal letter intends on doing just that. Start off the letter by mentioning why you feel the need to conduct an interview round and for what assignment exactly. Follow this by giving all important details, such as the venue of the interview, the number of rooms that will be required, the days over which this will be spanned out and the expected number of days this whole procedure will take.




Udyog Vihar


4th July 2017

Subject: Interview Proposal Letter

Respected Ma’am

As you are aware, UC has grown phenomenally over the past one year. Our sales have increased manifold especially in sectors such as Healthcare and Education. Which is why the meet with the growing demands of the market the managers have decided to expand the business development team.

We currently have ten employees in this department, however, the target to meet with the demand is 50 employees. Therefore the Human Resource department will be required to hire 40 more employees.

I would like to suggest the HR to not only screen the applicants resumes but also call them in for an interview round. I suggest the correct method to do this would be to first screen their resumes, call the shortlisted ones for a group discussion to finally select the best ones through a personal interview round.

We request for you to conduct this exercise over the first week of August, that is from First to the Seventh of August. The interviews could be conducted in the the 5 meeting rooms that the office has. This exercise should not take more than a weeks time.

We kindly request you to consider our plan and discuss it with us if need be. The qualities that we are looking for is that of a good orator, someone with good negotiation skills and someone who has prior knowledge with softwares such as SQL.

Please feel free to reach out to us in case of any questions.

Thank you

Abhinav Nagpal

VP of Business Development

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