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An Interview letter is written to inform a potential candidate to meet with the authority of the company who offered a vacancy. The interview letter certifies the first successful step, in short, listing the candidate for a particular post in the enterprise. The letter contains details of the time, place and date of interview to help prepare the candidate.

As mentioned above the details such as where the meeting will be held the, i.e., exact place where the interview will be conducted, what are the documents that are needed for the interview, how the candidate should appear for the interview, and what are the timings at which the interview will be conducted. The company official should verify the details of the candidate a couple of times before sending the letter otherwise the message may get delivered to the wrong person. As it is a formal letter, the tone of the writer should be respectful.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample letter of Interview Letter.


Joanne Powell,

Recruitment Manager,

Far Eastern Enterprise,

876 Cordova Street,

Vancouver, BC V6B 1E1.



Wendy Chan,

3427 Elgin Street,

Iroquois, ON K0E 1K0.

Subject: Interview for the post of Systems Engineer at Far East Enterprise

Dear Ms. Chan,

Thank you for your application for the position of Systems Engineer at Far East Enterprise as advertised in the Daily Times last month. It is my pleasure to invite you for an interview for the advertised position at our Vancouver office on DD/MM/YYYY, at 9 am sharp. We would appreciate it if you could call up our Recruitment office to confirm your attendance to this interview. After your confirmation, we will book a slot by you so that you can attend for the interview without any time delay.

The necessary things that are needed for the interview purpose are your application, a copy of this letter,  your certificates, two recent photos of you. If there are any more papers you need, we will mail you those details. As the interview time is at 9 am sharp, please come 15 minutes before the meeting time to fill up some personal information forms. Once the interview is completed, we will announce the results within two hours of conducted time. Based on the results further process of selection will be held, and those details will be disclosed after the results, i.e., to the candidates who qualifies the interview. If you are late, your slot would be given up to other candidates.  If you have any queries regarding this matter, please feel free to call us at ********** or visit us at the above address to clarify your doubts. We look forward to meeting up with you then to discuss your suitability in being a part of Far East Enterprise. Hope you would consider this as an excellent opportunity.

Yours Sincerely,

Joanne Powell,

Recruitment Manager,

Far Eastern Enterprise.


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