Interview Letter Thank You

Interview Letter thank you


When a company or firm expands or faces retirement or retrenchment of an employee, it needs to bring in new employees from outside. The best way to test whether a person is capable enough and his or her ideals match that of the company is through an interview. A candidate needs to make a good impression not just during but also after the interview to get the job applied for. The best way to impress and remind the interviewer about themselves, their qualifications and interest in the job, is by writing a letter after the interview has already been conducted. This is a formal letter, and the tone should be very polite as one does not want to offend their potential employers and loose the job unnecessarily. In this letter it is necessary to show thankfulness for having been given the opportunity to be interviewed for the post applied, the experience gained and work experience, if any, which may be useful to the company or firm.

An Interview letter thank you is written by a job applicant who has just had an interview with the potential company. He writes to thank the interviewer for his time in conducting the interview which proved beneficial to the sender. The sender states his deep interest in the company through the position that he has applied for.

Sample Letter:

This is a sample of an Interview Thank You Letter.


David C. Baldridge

3826 Luke Lane
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

February 1, 2011


Douglas A. McDowell

Recruitment Manager

Rushmore Consulting

2039 Sugar Camp Road
Rushmore, MN 56168

Dear Mr. McDowell

RE: Thank you for Interview

I write in appreciation of the interview that you had conducted last Monday at your office. I am grateful for the time you had taken out to meet with me despite your busy schedule. I would also like to thank you for enlightening me on the applied post of Commercial Law Consultant, advise the requirements of the company, the work that, if was selected, I would need to do, the duties to be fulfilled and other such concerns that I had.

From our interview discussion, the job scope sounds very exciting and challenging. I believe I have the capability to handle the job scope and I am very much challenged to take up this post. I hope you do agree with me.

My experience with other international firms will be an advise your esteemed clientele in the business environment, of which I am quite familiar with.

I look forward to your favorable response with regards to the position applied.

Thank you again.

Yours Sincerely,

David C. Baldridge

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