Interview Decline Letter


An interview decline letter is written by an applicant to the company he had previously applied for an interview. There can be various reasons for declining an interview. It can be due to better job offer somewhere else or because of some family problem that the person does not want the job anymore. A lot of people prefer to just not show up to the interview or not reply to the interview offer letter. This way of ignoring an offer is purely unprofessionally, and you should always refrain from doing this as you may need to get back to the company for anything in the future. You should professionally state the reason why you are declining the interview offer and should apologize for the same.

This is an official letter, and somust be written in the correct format and a formal tone. Remember to state the proper reason and apologize for having to decline the interview offer. Remember to thank the company for the offer in the end.

Sample letter:


Miles Low Jones

35 Lakeview Way Road



Shaila Stuart Mathew

41 Adamsville Mall Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Ma’am,

Re: Interview Decline Letter

I am writing this letter to politely decline the offer for an interview that you have presented to me. I had applied at your company a month ago, and recently since my mother is facing some health issues, I am working from home for another company. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. I should have informed you beforehand so that you could stop considering my application. I deeply regret my unprofessional behavior. In case my mother’s health is good soon I will contact you. I have very little hope of being able to join your company for now.

I hope you will forgive me for this and consider my apology genuine. I promise that given a chance I will make up for this to you in the future. I hope to work with you in the future. Thank you for the opportunity and keeping faith in me.

Thanking you,

Miles Low Jones.

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