Internship Certificate

An internship is similar to a job which an employer offers to a student of an academic organization, for a fixed period of time, usually three months. An Internship Certificate is a type of certificate which is given to that student on successful completion of it. This document proves to be influential when the student attempts to find another internship or job. Since the certificate is important, it must be written in a very professional manner.

The certificate should specify the college as well as University of which the intern is the student. It should state the position of the intern and a brief description of his or her responsibilities. The date of joining as well as of completion must be mentioned correctly. Any achievements made by him or her during the time period of the internship should also be highlighted. The certificate must be concluded by wishing the intern good luck for future.

The following is a sample of Internship certificate.

Sample Internship Certificate

To whomsoever it may concern

This Internship Certificate is being presented by Larsen and Toubro Consultancy Services, India, to Mr. Vikram Prakash, on October 15, 2017, for successful completion of the internship.

Mr. Vikram Prakash has done his graduation in Business Management Studies from H. J. College of Commerce, University of Bangalore and his post graduation in MBA (Industrial Relations) from International School of Management, S. V. S. University. He had been admitted to Larsen and Toubro Consultancy Services as the HR Executive Intern for a time period of six months. His date of joining was April 7, 2017. He had been responsible for the planning of recruitment, scheduling the interviews over calls and emails, screening the candidates for the interview and shortlisting the efficient ones. During the entire period, his knowledge of recruitment planning and job portals, as well as his communication skills, have improved considerably. Along with his verbal skills, his interpersonal and written communication skills have also become influential. During the internship, he had been recognized as the best intern for the month of September.

It had been a pleasure to have an intern as hardworking as Mr. Vikram Prakash. We believe that he shall prove to be a highly talented professional in his future endeavors.

This certificate is the responsibility of the person to whom it is being issued. It shall be used for work-related purposes only. Its use beyond the professional boundaries by any third person or organization will be considered null.

Thanking you.

Larsen Philips

Managing Director,

Larsen and Toubro Consultancy Services

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