Internship Application letter


An Internship application letter is written by an individual who wishes to seek an internship employment with a company. An internship job is usually a short term employment which is a formal requirement in some level of studies such as law or medicine. The job applicant is to gain some practical work experience as an intern at an organisation before graduation to give him a better understanding of the course requirements for future work.

Since the letter is written for a very important purpose, it must be written in well neat and simple language by proving all your information. If you are not sure of how to write a letter like this, then it is better to seek the help or guidance of someone else who knows how to write a letter like this, than making it a flop by writing it yourself. So, before beginning to write a letter like this, make sure that you are confident enough about you, writing a letter like this. Some of the internship officers may check your writing style and analyse you. So you can’t take a risk on it. So you strive to make the letter a good one.

Sample Letter


Daniel P. Jones,

3rd year Law Student,

Little Rock University,

3375 Clinton Street,

North Little Rock,

AR 72114.

February 10, 2011.


Recruitment Manager,

Fairview Legal Counsel,

880 Acton Avenue,

South Burlington,

VT 05403.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Internship Application

Hope this letter reaches to you at your best of health.

I  am writing in response to your advertisement for interns at your esteemed legal firm this summer.

I am a third-year law student at Little Rock University who requires an internship to fulfil my course requirement for graduation. I have had the privilege of working part-time in a couple of smaller law firms in the past three years. The details have been attached along with this letter. Now, I would like to take on more challenges that a bigger and more reputable legal firm can offer.

To write about my qualities, I am a person who goes along with any set of people and a person who loves to be social and loves to see everyone happy. You can be pretty sure that, you won’t face any problems from my side while taking my character into consideration. I enclose my academic transcript as well as a list of references for your kind perusal and consideration of my internship application.

The only problem that I am now facing is that I am a physically disabled person. My spine bones got dislocated which made me half paralysed and so I cannot walk and I have a wheelchair which is the best buddy of mine. I hope that this won’t stand as a problem for me to get selected for this internship program. I hope that you would treat me as a normal human being and allow me to be an intern only if I have the ability and talent in me and I am capable of it. And please do not feel sorry for my condition and select me as an intern, this is the only plea that I have for you.

I look forward to a favourable response from you soon.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my internship application.

Yours truly,

Daniel Jones

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